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Analysis/Consultancy Part 1 and 2 (online) D1IM11 Module
Analysis/Consultancy Part 1 and 2 (online) D5IM11 Module
Business Analysis Tools and Managing Consultancy Projects (online) D4992N1 Module
Business Strategy N1524 Module
Business-to-Business Marketing 116N1 Module
Business-to-Business Marketing Mgmt N1635 Module
Consultancy Proposal Project (online) D5IM11A Module
Digital Marketing (online) D4994N1 Module
Global Business Environment (ODL) D2978N1 Module
Global Business Environment (online) D6987N1 Module
Global Consumer behaviour (online) D1988N1 Module
Global Consumer behaviour (online) D398N1 Module
Global Consumer Behaviour (online) D5988N1 Module
Global Innovation Systems N1638 Module
Global Marketing Management (online) D3985N1 Module
International branding and communication strategy (online) D3993N1 Module
International Business & Marketing Strategy (online) D6991N1 Module
International Business & Marketing Strategy (online) D2991N1 Module
Marketing Analytics and Metrics (online) D3990N1 Module
Marketing Ethics (online) D1989N1 Module
Marketing Ethics (online) D5989N1 Module
Marketing Ethics and Society 992N1 Module
Marketing Research (online) D6986N1 Module
Marketing Research (online) D2986N1 Module
New Venture Creation & Bus Planning (E) N1508E Module
Research Project (Marketing) N1628 Module
Social Enterprise and Social Innovation N1637 Module
Strategic Design Thinking for Mrkt Value 115N1 Module

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There are currently no lists linked to this Department.