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Advanced Project Management 960N1 Module
Agile Project Management 979N1 Module
Artificial Intelligence and Policies for Technological Revolutions 996N1 Module
Blended Business Module BBSRC Module
Building Innovative systems for Development 928N1 Module
Business and Project Management 724N1 Module
Challenges in Energy and Climate Policy 118N1 Module
Climate Change and Energy Policy 878N1 Module
Critical Issues in Sustainability (online) D1SD10 Module
Decolonising knowledge for Sustainable Development (online) D3SD12 Module
Democratising Science and Technology (online) D1SD06 Module
Digital Transformations and Innovation 994N1 Module
Dissertation (Energy Policy for Sustainability) 927N1 Module
Dissertation (Science and Technology Policy) 891N1 Module
Dissertation (Sustainable Development) 930N1 Module
Energy and Development 922N1 Module
Energy and Development (online) D2EP10 Module
Energy and Economic Growth (online) D3EP11 Module
Energy and Sustainability (online) D1EP05 Module
Energy Justice (onlne) D3EP06 Module
Energy Policy and Sustainability 864N1 Module
Globalisation and the Environment: Capitalism, Ecology and Power (online) D3SD08 Module
Governing and Using Technology for Development 939N1 Module
Governing Energy Transitions 919N1 Module
Governing Energy Transitions (online) D1EP09 Module
Ideas and Concepts in Climate, Development, Economics and Policy 854F8 Module
Industrial and Innovation Policy 984N1 Module
Information & Comm Techn Policy & Str 812N1 Module
Infrastructure, Innovation and Sustainability 940N1 Module
Innovation and Economic Development 923N1 Module
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Cultural and Creative Industries 964N1 Module
Innovation for Sustainability 849N1 Module
Innovation in the Creative Economy 961N1 Module
Innovation Management Project 818N1 Module
Inter-disciplinary Studies in Science, Technology and Innovation 754N1 Module
Introduction to Climate Change Economics and Policy 877N1 Module
Introduction to Energy Policy 920N1 Module
Introduction to Energy Policy (online) D1EP01 Module
Introduction to Energy Transitions N1024E Module
Introduction to Statistical Research Methods 829N1 Module
Introduction to Sustainability N1023E Module
Introductory Data Science for Innovation 995N1 Module
Making Science and Technology 968N1 Module
Management of Risk 832N1 Module
Managing Innovation 838N1 Module
Market-based solutions: Pitfalls and possibilities (online) D2SD11 Module
Network Analysis and Infographics 959N1 Module
Perspectives on Energy and Climate Policy 117N1 Module
Perspectives, Methods and Skills (online) D2EP07 Module
Perspectives, Methods and Skills for Management 965N1 Module
Perspectives, Methods and Skills for Science, Technology and Innovation Studies 750N1 Module
Policy Analysis (online) D2EP02 Module
Policy Making and Policy Analysis 962N1 Module
Politics and Policies (online) D1SD02 Module
Project Design Thinking 993N1 Module
Quantitative Methods for Science, Technology and Innovation Studies 839N1 Module
Research Methods 1 (SPRU) 934N1 Module
Research Project (Project Management in Practice) 729N1 Module
Science, Institutions and Power 751N1 Module
Science, Technology and Innovations: Markets, Firms and Policies 752N1 Module
Study abroad in Boston (6 weeks) BOSTON Module
Sustainability in Business Operations and Supply Chains (online) D1SD13 Module
Sustainability: International Development 929N1 Module
Sustainable Development: Perspectives, Policies and Practices 753N1 Module
Technology and Human Development 921N1 Module
The Political Economy of Science Policy 807N1 Module
Transformative Innovation Policy for Inclusion 982N1 Module

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