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Study Group International run summer schools on campus. Their arrangements only cover access to the building & loans of physical resources or use of existing online content. They they are to be encouraged to use existing resources, rather than buying new ones. There's no arrangement to use our services (teaching, training etc). Treat requests like EPS - if useful to us, we could purchase items & use Study Group as the department code on Oasis for purchases. Ensure costs are added to Trevor.

Lists linked to Study Group International

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Data Structures and Algorithms (DSAL) 21/22 20/01/2022 16:29:52
Database Design and Development (DBDD) 21/22 21/01/2022 10:31:45
Further Programming (FUPR) 21/22 14/01/2022 15:00:02
Introduction to Computer Systems (INCS) 21/22 20/01/2022 16:15:27
Introduction to Programming (INPR) 21/22 10/08/2021 06:54:20
IY1 STFI - Studying Film - Adrian Smith (Aut) 21/22 07/01/2022 12:31:04
Programming Concepts (PRCO) 21/22 20/01/2022 10:19:37
SEP IFY: Film and Media (FIME) - Andrew Wood (SGI Aut) 21/22 30/07/2021 12:11:11
SGI Template List 21/22 21/22 09/08/2021 13:21:53