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Advanced Condensed State Physics F3231 Module
Advanced Particle Physics 894F3 Module
Advanced Physics Lab A F3242 Module
Advanced Physics Lab B F3243 Module
Astrophysical Processes 902F3 Module
Atom Light Interactions 897F3 Module
Atomic Physics F3211 Module
Beyond the Standard Model 901F3 Module
BSc Final Year Project F3232 Module
Classical Mechanics F3210 Module
Condensed State Physics F3230 Module
Data Analysis Techniques 890F3 Module
Early Universe 879F3 Module
Electricity and Magnetism F3213 Module
Electrodynamics F3204 Module
Electrons, Cold Atoms and Quantum Circuits 888F3 Module
Experimental and Software Research Techniques A 990F3 Module
Experimental and Software Research Techniques B 991F3 Module
Extragalactic Astronomy F3209 Module
Foundation Mathematics F3203 Module
Foundation Mathematics A F3301 Module
Foundation Mathematics B F3302 Module
Foundation Mechanics F3207 Module
Foundations of Modern Physics F3241 Module
From Quarks to the Cosmos F3206 Module
Further Quantum Mechanics 885F3 Module
Galaxies and the Cosmos F3305 Module
General Relativity 881F3 Module
Introduction to Astrophysics F3237 Module
Introduction to Cosmology 900F3 Module
Introduction to Nano-materials and Nano-characterisation 907F3 Module
Lasers and Photonics F3218 Module
Mathematical Methods for Physics 1 F3201 Module
Mathematical Methods for Physics 2 F3202 Module
Mathematical Methods for Physics 3 F3205 Module
Mathematical Physics Projects F3234 Module
MPhys Final Year Project 899F3 Module
Nuclear and Particle Physics F3221 Module
Optics and Imaging for Biomedical Sciences 883F3 Module
Optics, Waves and Modern Physics F3238 Module
Oscillations, Waves and Optics F3215 Module
Our Place in the Universe(s) F3228 Module
Particle Physics F3214 Module
Particle Physics Detector Technology 880F3 Module
Physics Foundation Year Laboratory F3208 Module
Physics Foundation Year Laboratory A F3303 Module
Physics Foundation Year Laboratory B F3304 Module
Physics in Practice F3229 Module
Physics Methods in Finance F3062 Module
Physics Year 1 Laboratory F3222 Module
Physics Year 2 Laboratory F3226 Module
Practical Quantum Technologies 893F3 Module
Programming in C++ 898F3 Module
Project (MSc Astronomy) 886F3 Module
Project (MSc Cosmology) 887F3 Module
Project (MSc Frontiers of Quantum Technology) 903F3 Module
Project (MSc Nanomaterials & Energy PHY) 910F3 Module
Project (MSc Particle Physics) 904F3 Module
Project (MSc Physics) 891F3 Module
Properties of Matter F3216 Module
Quantum Field Theory 1 877F3 Module
Quantum Field Theory 2 882F3 Module
Quantum Mechanics 1 F3239 Module
Quantum Mechanics 2 F3225 Module
Quantum Optics and Quantum Information 895F3 Module
Scientific Computing F3212 Module
Skills 4 896F3 Module
Skills in Physics 2 F3227 Module
Stage 1 Elective Autumn EPAA11 Module
Stage 1 Elective Spring EPAA12 Module
Stage 2 Elective Autumn EPAA21 Module
Stage 2 Elective Spring EPAA22 Module
Stage 3/4 Elective Autumn EPAA31 Module
Stage 3/4 Elective Spring EPAA32 Module
Starting to Teach in MPS 906F3 Module
Stellar and Galactic Astrophysics 889F3 Module
Sustainable Energy Science F3245 Module
Symmetry in Particle Physics 878F3 Module
Theoretical Physics F3217 Module
Thermal and Statistical Physics F3224 Module
Wider Topics in Data Science 905F3 Module

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