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Aesthetics V5019 Module
Ancient Philosophy V5015 Module
Dissertation 847V7 Module
Dissertation - SPT 809L3 Module
Early Modern Philosophy V7071 Module
Epistemology V7061 Module
Ethics V7077 Module
Ethics and Normativity 859V7A Module
Existentialism V7084 Module
Feminist Philosophy V7085 Module
Feminist Philosophy V7085E Module
Figures in Analytic Philosophy V7072 Module
Figures in Post-Kantian Philosophy V7074 Module
Figures in Social Political Philosophy V7075 Module
Hegel & Marx 861V7A Module
Islamic Philosophy V7089 Module
Kant V7059 Module
Language and Truth 841V7 Module
Language, Art and Representation 841V7B Module
Language, Truth and Literature Q3020 Module
Literature and Philosophy Dissertation 925Q3 Module
Logic and Meaning V7081 Module
Metaphysics V7086 Module
Modern European Philosophy V7066 Module
Paradox and Argument V7079 Module
Phenomenology V5004 Module
Philosophical Research Skills 863V7 Module
Philosophy of Language V5021 Module
Philosophy of Mind V7078 Module
Philosophy of Race & Racialisation V7083 Module
Philosophy of Race & Racialisation V7083E Module
Philosophy of Religion V7069 Module
Philosophy of Science V7076 Module
Philosophy Special Subject 856V7 Module
Philosophy, Politics and the Middle East V7091E Module
Science and Reason V7080 Module
Society, State and Humanity V7064E Module
Society, State and Humanity V7064 Module
Text and Critique in Social and Political Thought 946M1 Module
The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory 939M1 Module
Theorizing the Social 949M1B Module
Theorizing the Social 949M1 Module
Truth and Morality: The Meaning of Life V7087 Module
Truth and Morality: The Meaning of Life V7087E Module
World and Mind 854V7A Module

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