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Advanced Composition and Arrangement W3067 Module
Advanced Performance W3068 Module
American Popular Music W3075 Module
Approaches to Composition and Performance W3035 Module
Composing For Media (Practice) 828W3A Module
Composition (Practice) 804W3 Module
Creative Audiovisual Coding W3099 Module
Creative Music Technologies W3077 Module
Creative Project 811W3 Module
Digital Music Cultures B W3082 Module
Dissertation (Music MA) 805W3 Module
Electronic Music and Performance W3098 Module
Film Music after 1950 W3039 Module
Film Music and Audiovisual Project W3069 Module
From Opera to Film W3002 Module
From Opera to Film (E) W3088 Module
Generative Arts and Musical Machines W3093 Module
Histories of Women in Music W3111 Module
History and Practice of Electronic Music W3078 Module
History and Practice of Songwriting W3097 Module
Instrumentation, Voicing and Orchestration W3076 Module
Interactive Music Systems B W3081 Module
Introduction to Music Studies W3056 Module
Making Music Theatre W3100 Module
Music and Society (E) W3066 Module
Music and Society A W3057 Module
Music and the Media of Performance (Practice) 827W3 Module
Music and the Media of Performance (Theory) 827W3B Module
Music Dissertation W3071 Module
Music of the 21st Century W3112 Module
Music Production W3079 Module
Music Production in Context 870P4 Module
Music Project (Spring) W3074 Module
Popular Music Cultures W3052 Module
Solo Performance W3047 Module
Sound Design in Context W3094 Module
Sound for Interactive Media W3085 Module
Studio and Live Engineering W3095 Module
Studio Project W3070 Module
Studio Recording W3080 Module
The History of the Modern B W3032 Module
The Musical B P4105B Module
The Rise of Classical Music A W3054 Module
The Rise of Classical Music B W3031 Module

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