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Activist Media Practice 868P4 Module
Activist Media Practice (online) D2ME01 Module
Adaptation: Filming Fiction B P5049 Module
Advanced Journalism Skills P5000 Module
Advanced Journalism Skills 006P3 Module
Advanced Journalism Skills: Science P5001 Module
Advertising and Social Change (E) P3083 Module
Advertising and Social Change B P3080 Module
Allure of Things V3021 Module
Alternative Cinemas P3060 Module
Analysing Media, Film and Music P5052 Module
Animals and Screen Media P5060 Module
Approaches to Film Noir 893P4 Module
Arts and Lifestyle Journalism P5037 Module
Audiovisual Practices P5065 Module
Big Data and Social Change (online) D4ME11 Module
Box Set TV: Contemporary Serial Television P5050 Module
British Cinema A P3044 Module
British Cinema B P3044B Module
Broadcast Journalism (Radio) P4095 Module
Broadcast Journalism (TV) P4097 Module
Broadcast News and Features (1) 024P3 Module
Broadcast News and Features (2) 025P3 Module
Celebrity, Media and Culture P5014 Module
Chinese Cinema B P4086B Module
Cinema and Migration P5059 Module
Cinema Goes to Work 030P3 Module
Collaborative Film Project 873P4 Module
Creative Audiovisual Coding B P5080 Module
Creative Film Production: Screen Drama P5009 Module
Creative Media: Advanced Script Writing P4079 Module
Creative Media: Documentary Video P4078 Module
Creative Media: Documentary Video P4073 Module
Creative Media: Photography P4076 Module
Creative Media: Photography P4071 Module
Creative Media: Screen Drama P5041 Module
Creative Media: Screen Drama P5029 Module
Creative Media: Sound P4077 Module
Creative Production: Communication Design P4067 Module
Creative Production: Documentary Video P4066 Module
Critical Perspectives Development Media 014P3 Module
Cultural and Creative Industries Dissertation 887P4 Module
Cultural and Creative Industries: Industry Experience 889P4 Module
Culture Across Space and Time V3049 Module
Culture and Society V3069 Module
Culture and the Everyday V3003 Module
Culture and the Everyday P3085 Module
Culture, Race and Ethnicity V3026 Module
Debates in Media Studies A P4061 Module
Debates in Media Studies B P3069 Module
Debates in Screen Documentary B P4107B Module
Digital Cultures B P3067 Module
Digital Documentary Project 855P4 Module
Digital Environment P3062 Module
Digital Histories, Objects and Processes P5081 Module
Digital Media and Culture P5079 Module
Digital Media: Theory and Critique (online) D5ME06 Module
Digital Methods for Research & Pract. 897P4 Module
Dissertation (Journalism) V3068 Module
Dissertation (Media and Cultural Studies) 813P4 Module
Dissertation (Media Practice, Development and Social Change) 017P3 Module
Dissertation (Media Practice, Development and Social Change) with Placement 019P3 Module
Dissertation Gender and Media 841P4 Module
Dissertation MA Film Studies 834P4 Module
Dissertation option 3: Placement with Media Project 018P3 Module
Dissertation: Digital Media 815P4 Module
Documentary Practice 022P3 Module
Expanded Media: Forms and Practices 803P4A Module
Feminism and Digital Culture P5017 Module
Film Analysis P5047 Module
Film Analysis P3029 Module
Film Analysis (E) P3082 Module
Film and Revolution (A) P4100A Module
Film Festival Studies 894P4 Module
Film Studies Dissertation P4123 Module
Film Studies: Theories and Methods 846P4 Module
Film Theory P3038 Module
Film Theory B P5030 Module
Final Cr Proj - Documentary Vid P5075 Module
Final Cr Proj - Drama P5076 Module
French Cinema A P3042 Module
Gender and Representation 840P4 Module
Gender, Sexuality and Digital Culture 862P4A Module
Gender, Sexuality and Digital Media D2ME05 Module
Gender, Space and Culture V3053 Module
Global Cinema P3084 Module
Global Cinema P4083 Module
Global News Industries A 029P3 Module
Global News Industries B 023P3 Module
Global Youth Cinemas 898P4 Module
Globalisation and Communication P4114 Module
Hollywood: Industry and Imaginary P4012A Module
Indian Cinema: Popular Hindi Film P5057 Module
Industry Placement and written submission 823P4 Module
Industry Projects P3079 Module
Inside Hollywood 849P4A Module
Interactive Design P4070 Module
International Journalism in Transition B 875P4 Module
Introducing Media, Film and Music P5044 Module
Issues in European Cinema B P3028 Module
Journalism in Crisis B P3074 Module
Journalism Project 010P3 Module
Journalism Project P5003 Module
Journalism Work Experience P4098 Module
Journalism, Politics and Society P5061 Module
Journalism, Research and Writing 1 P4092 Module
Journalism, Research and Writing 2 P4093 Module
Law, Ethics and Governance P4096 Module
Law, Regulation and Governance B P5062 Module
Lecturer Training Programme MAH Module
Media and Communications Dissertation P4121 Module
Media and Communications Dissertation Preparation P5018 Module
Media Development Project 016P3 Module
Media Studies Spring Option V1710D Module
Media Theory (online) D1ME04 Module
Media Theory and Research 801P4 Module
Media, Culture and Communication 802P4 Module
Media, Law and Ethics 899P4 Module
Media, Memory and History P3072 Module
Media, Memory and History (E) P5007 Module
Media, War and Terrorism P4110 Module
New Developments in Digital Media (online) D4ME03 Module
New Developments in Digital Media 1a 804P4B Module
New Developments in Digital Media 1b 809P4B Module
News and Feature Writing 007P3 Module
News, Politics and Power A P4080 Module
News, Politics and Power B P4094 Module
News, Power and Society 011P3 Module
Online Journalism P5004 Module
Performing the Urban: postcolonial perspectives P4101 Module
Photography: Critical Practice 885P4 Module
Photography: Documentary, Landscape, Politics 863P4 Module
Photography: Practice and Theory P4065 Module
Photojournalism P5036 Module
Producing Media for Development 015P3 Module
Professional Practice V3054 Module
Project Dev - Animation P5067 Module
Project Dev - Documentary Video P5069 Module
Project Dev - Drama P5070 Module
Public Relations P5038 Module
Public Relations (online) D4ME07 Module
Queering Popular Culture 807P4B Module
Questioning the Digital P5035 Module
Questioning the Media A P4006 Module
Questioning the Media B P3081 Module
Questioning the Media E P4119 Module
Race & Ethnicity in Popular Cinema 2 P3053B Module
Race, Culture and the Media 881P4 Module
Realisation and Visualisation: Directing actors and camera 879P4 Module
Researching Cultural and Creative Ind 888P4 Module
Researching Media and Communication P5016 Module
Revolutionary Media P5040 Module
Science Communication and Culture A 835P4 Module
Screenwriting P5012 Module
Screenwriting P5013 Module
Self Directed Project: Filmmaking 806P4 Module
Sequential Imaging P3077 Module
Sequential Imaging P3078 Module
Sexualities and the Cinema P3057 Module
Short Documentary: Research and Production 853P4B Module
Social Media and Critical Practice P4113 Module
Software Project and written submission: digital media 822P4 Module
Sonic Narratives P4068 Module
Sound, Culture and Society A P4084A Module
Sound, Culture and Society B P4084 Module
Space, Place and Screen Media 895P4 Module
Techno-Feminism History and Practice P5095 Module
Teen Cinema: Coming of Age on Screen P5034 Module
The Cinematic Body 844P4B Module
The Politics of Promotional Culture 805P4 Module
The Politics of Representation P4112 Module
Theorising Media Practice P4091 Module
Theory and Practice of Interactive Media 013P3 Module
Theory Taste and Trash B V3052 Module
TV: Fictions and Entertainments B P3068 Module
Viewing Women P3047 Module
Working with Film P3071 Module
Working with Film P5048 Module
Writing Documentary: Sound/Image/Text 020P3 Module
Writing the Short Film P5010 Module
yes Interactive Design P4075 Module

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