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Colonialism and After L2003 Module
Concepts of Social Development 824AF Module
Conflict, Violence and Peace L2154 Module
Critical Debates in Environm & Developm 928AF Module
Decolonial Movements - Anna Laing (Spr) 002ID2 Module
Development and the State L2128 Module
Development Tools and Skills L2146 Module
Development, Business and Corporate Social Responsibility L2131S Module
Disasters, Environment and Development 005DS Module
Dissertation (Human Rights) 827M9A Module
Dissertation EDP 822AF Module
Dissertation Social Development 827AF Module
Economic Perspectives on Development L2147 Module
Environmental Perspectives on Dev L2103 Module
Feminist Approaches on Global Development, Resistance and Transformation 001ID7 Module
Gender and Dev:Theory, Concepts & Issues L2104 Module
Global Approaches to Peace 005ID Module
Global Development Challenges and Innovations AF002 Module
Global Development Paradigms, Policy and Politics - L2132 - Dinah Rajak L2132 Module
Health, Poverty and Inequality L2102N Module
Horizontal Development(s) 007IDA Module
Human Rights L2124A Module
Human Rights L2124S Module
Human Rights and the Politics of Culture 824M9 Module
Inside Development: the Social Life of Aid L2152A Module
Institutions of Aid L2149 Module
International Dev UG Dissertation L2153 Module
International Education and Development 001DS Module
Key Thinkers in Development L2145 Module
Migration and Global Development 004IDA Module
Migration and Global Development 822F8 Module
Political Ecology and Environmental Justice 013IDS Module
Political Economy of the Environment 802AF Module
Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism L2002N Module
Research Methods & Prof Skills (ID) 012L2 Module
Research Skills for Development L2133N Module
Social Change, Culture and Development L2107N Module
Sussex Perspectives on International Development L2144 Module
Theories of Development & Underdevelopm 807AF Module
Transformative Technologies 009ID Module
Urban Futures 006ID Module
Wealth, Inequality and Development 003ID Module
yes Designing Alternatives for Development 010IDS Module

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