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3D Modelling and Animation 972G5 Module
3D Modelling and Animation G6079 Module
Acquired Intelligence and Adaptive Behaviour G6042 Module
Adaptive Systems 825G5 Module
Adaptive Systems 825G5Z Module
Advanced Computer Science Project 954G5 Module
Advanced Natural Language Engineering G5114 Module
Advanced Natural Language Processing 968G5 Module
Advanced Software Engineering 947G5 Module
Algorithmic Data Science 969G5 Module
Applied Natural Language Processing 955G5 Module
Artificial Life 819G5 Module
Communication and Learning Skills G6066 Module
Comparative Programming G6021 Module
Compilers and Computer Architecture G5035 Module
Computer Networks G5115 Module
Computer Science Project G5038 Module
Computer Vision G6032 Module
Computing Project G6064 Module
Current Issues in Cognitive Science C8807 Module
Data Structures and Algorithms G5117 Module
Database and Application Development G6068 Module
Databases G6031 Module
E-Business and E-Commerce Systems 943G5 Module
E-Business and E-Commerce Systems G5075 Module
Entrepreneurship 977G5 Module
ESRS Project 975G5 Module
Foundation Programming G6065 Module
Fundamentals of Machine Learning G6061 Module
Further Programming G5067 Module
Game Design and Development G6078 Module
Human-Computer Interaction G5026 Module
Human-Computer Interaction 803G5 Module
Informatics Year 1 Tutor Meeting CTM-1 Module
Intelligence in Animals and Machines 826G5Z Module
Intelligence in Animals and Machines 826G5 Module
Intelligent Systems Techniques 802G5 Module
Introduction to Computer Security G6077 Module
Introduction to Computer Systems G6008 Module
Introduction to Multimedia G5039 Module
Introduction to Programming G5066 Module
Knowledge and Reasoning G6019 Module
Limits of Computation G5029 Module
Live Video Production 953G5 Module
Machine Learning 934G5Z Module
Machine Learning 934G5 Module
Management of Information Technology Project 962G5 Module
Mathematical Concepts G6012 Module
Mathematics and Computational Methods for Complex Systems 817G5 Module
Mathematics for Computing G6063 Module
Mathematics for Computing 1 G6082 Module
Mobile 3D Applications 920G5 Module
Natural Language Engineering G5119 Module
Neural Networks G5015 Module
Object Oriented Programming 823G5 Module
Operating Systems G6059 Module
Philosophical Foundations of Cognitive Science C8808 Module
Philosophical Foundations of Cognitive Science C8808E Module
Philosophy & Science of Consciousness C8893 Module
Principles of Cognitive Science G5118E Module
Professional Skills G5120 Module
Program Analysis G6017 Module
Program Design G6067 Module
Programming Concepts G6007 Module
Programming for 3D G6080 Module
Real-World Cognition 801G1 Module
Software Engineering G6046 Module
Systems for Information Management 976G5 Module
Technology-Enhanced Learning Environment 808G5 Module
Technology-Enhanced Learning Environment G5065 Module
The Ghost in the Machine? G5077E Module
The Ghost in the Machine? G5077 Module
Topics in Computer Science 948G5 Module
Topics in the Philosophy of Cognitive Science G5122 Module
Video Production Techniques 974G5 Module
Video Production Techniques G5123 Module
Visual Effects G6081 Module
Visual Effects 973G5 Module
Web 3D Applications H7006 Module
Web Applications and Services G6060 Module
Web Applications and Services 944G5 Module

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