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Action Research and Particpatory Methods 101M9 Module
Aid and Poverty: the Political Economy of International Development Assistance 906N1 Module
Analysing Poverty Vulnerability and Inequality 905N1 Module
Application of Participation: Work-based learning and action research 501L9 Module
Business as a Development Actor 702M9 Module
Climate Change and Development 904N1 Module
Climate Resilient Development 701M9 Module
Competing in the Green Economy 968M9 Module
Debating Poverty and Vulnerability: Policy and Programming 961M9 Module
Decentralisation and local government 943M9 Module
Democracy and Public Policy 912N1 Module
Designing Critical Enquiry 914N1 Module
Development in Cities 985M9 Module
Dissertation Development Studies 915N1 Module
Dissertation Gender and Development 921M9 Module
Dissertation Globalisation Business and Development 900M9 Module
Dissertation Governance and Development 946M9 Module
Dissertation Participation Power and Social Change 103M9 Module
Dissertation Poverty and Development 911N1 Module
Dissertation Science Society and Development 910N1 Module
Doing Gender 937M9 Module
Economic Perspectives on Development 901M9 Module
Emerging Powers and International Development 908M9 Module
Food Politics and Development 110M9 Module
Foundations of Power Participation and Social Change 500L9 Module
Gender Identity and Inclusion 918M9 Module
Global Governance 940M9 Module
Globalisation Business and Policy 907M9 Module
Governance of Violent Conflict and (In)security 900N1 Module
Health and Development 909N1 Module
Ideas in Development and Climate Change 700M9 Module
Ideas in Development and Policy Evidence and Practice 982M9 Module
Law Rights and Development 104M9 Module
Making Public Policy 948M9 Module
Nutrition 105M9 Module
Participatory Research in Cross-Cultural Contexts 522X8 Module
Political Economy Perspectives on Development 947M9 Module
Poverty and Development 909M9 Module
Poverty and Inequality 902N1 Module
Poverty Violence and Conflict 903N1 Module
Power and Social Perspectives on Development 939M9 Module
Professional Skills for Development 913N1 Module
Public Financial Management 965M9 Module
Qualitative and Ethnographic Research Methods 100M9 Module
Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods 922M9 Module
Reflective and Creative Practice for Social Change 984M9 Module
Research Design 710M9 Module
Science Institutions and Power 907N1 Module
Science Knowledge and the Politics of Development 908N1 Module
Sexuality and Masculinity in Gender and Development 106M9 Module
Sociology Anthropology and the Development Conundrum 983M9 Module
Sustainability and Policy Processes: Issues in Agriculture Environment and Health 930M9 Module
The Politics of Gender 919M9 Module
Theoretical Approaches to Gender and Development 916M9 Module
Theory and Practice of Impact Evaluation 102M9 Module
Unruly Politics 107M9 Module

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