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Academic and Research Skills MAIED 883X4 Module
Academic Skills for International Education & Development 804X3 Module
Access, Equity and Gender X4700E Module
Action Research 510X8 Module
Applying Professional Knowledge (D&T Secondary Education) 801X1DT Module
Applying Professional Knowledge (Pedagogy and Practice) PP5X1 Module
Applying Professional Knowledge - Science 801X1F Module
Applying Professional Knowledge: ITE English Education 801X1ENG Module
Applying Professional Knowledge: Music/Secondary Music 801X1MUSIC Module
Becoming a Researcher X3500 Module
Becoming a Researcher X6606 Module
Business Studies APK 801X1BS Module
Childhood, Youth and Transition: Developing Critical Approaches X3229 Module
Children's Rights and Legal Frameworks X3231 Module
Classics ITE 801X1CLASS Module
Communicating STEM 899S0 Module
Communicating STEM for Life Sciences 899S3 Module
Communication, Language and Literacy X6604 Module
Contexts and Values - Literature Review 134X3 Module
Contexts and Values - Literature Review 116X3 Module
Contexts of Childhood 1 X3237 Module
Creating a Forest Food garden X5701E Module
Critical Reflection: Professional & Context-bound Learning EYTS 143X3 Module
Cross Cultural Perspectives on Teaching, Learning and Assessment X4200E Module
Curriculum Knowledge 1: Explorers and Investigators X6613 Module
Curriculum Knowledge 2: Physical Philosophers X6615 Module
Curriculum Knowledge 3: All the World's A Stage X6618 Module
Curriculum, learning and society 803X3 Module
Developing Children's Mathematical Understanding X6605 Module
Developing Role Models: Mentoring X4910ES Module
Developing Role Models: Peer-Led Mentoring in Schools X4911E Module
Developing Your Research Proposal X3250 Module
Digital Childhoods X3300 Module
Disabled Childhoods X3255 Module
Discovering Role Models: Mentoring X4910E Module
Discovering Role Models: Peer-Led Mentor X3256 Module
Dissertation X3239 Module
Dissertation (MA Education) 139X3 Module
Dissertation (MA Education) Part time 121X3A Module
Early years eduction X9538T Module
Educating the Whole Child X6601 Module
Education for Development X4500E Module
Education, Peacebuilding and Conflict X4600E Module
Educational Theory and Practice: 145X3 Module
Effective Research Data Management - Education 586X8 Module
Embedding Professional Practice X6617 Module
Engaging in Enquiry 159X3 Module
Engaging in Professional Practice in Primary and Early Year Settings X6607 Module
Engaging Young Learners X6624 Module
Engaging Young Learners X6602 Module
Enhancing Teaching & Learning in HE POF X1032P Module
EPP in Early Years Education 16900X Module
European perspectives X3230 Module
Evaluating Special Educational Needs X6625 Module
Exploring Children's Comm, Lang and Lit X6621 Module
Exploring Professional Knowledge 803X1A Module
Exploring Professional Knowledge 803X1 Module
Gender and Identities: Education, Citizenship and Youth 812X3 Module
Geography ITE 801X1G Module
Geography ITE Programme/Secondary Geography X1L81T Module
Gobal Childhoods X3251 Module
Health and Wellbeing X3236 Module
Health and Wellbeing X3241 Module
Historical Childhoods X3253 Module
History ITE 801X1H Module
Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in Education X4300 Module
Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in Education X4300E Module
Introduction to Research Methods X3233 Module
Knowledge and Society; Education, Identity and The (late) Modern State X4400E Module
Learning from Professional Contexts 143X3PT Module
Mathematics ITE 801X1MATHS Module
Media Studies ITE 801X1MS Module
Modern Foreign Languages ITE 801X1MFL Module
Opportunities and Challenges in Professional Education X4920E Module
Policy and Practice Issues in International Education and Development 802X3 Module
Practice Education in Social Work Stages 1&2 (Combined) 899L9 Module
Primary ITE 801X1PRIM Module
Professional Practice 1 X1027 Module
Professional Practice 1 (EYTS) 16100X Module
Professional Practice 2 X1030 Module
Professional Practice 2 (EYTS) 16300X Module
Provocative Pedagogies 156X3 Module
Reflecting on Professional Knowledge 804X1 Module
Reflecting on Professional Knowledge (Pedagogy and Practice) PP4X1 Module
Reflecting on Professional Knowledge in Early Years 16400X Module
Reflection on Professional Learning 136X3 Module
Refugees, Education and Development 811X3 Module
Research Design and Ethics 502X8 Module
Research in Early Years Education 16200X Module
Research Methods 130X3 Module
Research Methods - Summer 130X3A Module
Researching Professional Practice X6612 Module
Researching STEM 899S1 Module
Researching STEM for Life Sciences 899S2 Module
RPK in Primary and Early Years Settings X6619 Module
School Direct (Salaried) - Religious Education - Secondary XSDS21T Module
School Direct - Religious Education - Secondary XSD16T Module
Secondary History (Applying Professional Knowledge: History) X1V11T Module
Secondary Religious Education X1V13T Module
Self, Voice and Creativity in Research Writing 533X8 Module
Special Educational Needs, Disability, Inclusion and Diversity 1 X6614 Module
Starting to Teach (Summer) X1031S Module
Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Spring) X1032S Module
The Global Governance of Education and Conflict 107X3 Module
The Purposes and Meanings of Education X6600 Module
Theories of International Education and Development 801X3 Module
Therapeutic Work with CYP X3252 Module
Understanding Autism and Education X4900E Module
Understanding Forest Gardens X5700E Module
Unpacking Professional Knowledge 155X3 Module

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