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Advanced Macroeconomics L1059 Module
Advanced Microeconomics L1061 Module
Analytical Methods - Financial and Business Economics 842L1 Module
Analytical Methods in Economics 839L1 Module
Applied Econometrics L1062 Module
Applied Economics Dissertation L1002 Module
Applied Economics Topics L1063 Module
Applied Finance Project L1094 Module
Applied Mathematics for Economists L1058 Module
Applied Project 837L1 Module
Applied Statistics for Finance and Economics L1064 Module
Behavioural Economics L1083 Module
Business Economics Research Project 848L1 Module
Climate Change Economics L1078 Module
Contemporary Economic Issues L1051 Module
Data Coding & Visualisation L1006 Module
Data Processing, Coding & Visualisation 852L1 Module
Development Macroeconomics 802L1 Module
Development Microeconomics 801L1 Module
Dissertation in Economics 838L1 Module
Dissertation in Economics with Placement 997N1 Module
Econometric Methods 1 824L1 Module
Econometric Methods 2 825L1 Module
Economic Analysis 1 806L1 Module
Economic Analysis 2 807L1 Module
Economics of Crime L1101 Module
Economics of Education L1098 Module
Economics of European Integration L1066 Module
Economics of Public Policy L1003 Module
Economics of Sports L1004 Module
Environmental Economics L1088 Module
Expermental Economics L1097 Module
Finance for Development 835L1 Module
Finance for Development L1082 Module
Financial and Time Series Econometrics 821L1 Module
Financial Economics L1095 Module
Financial Markets and Institutions 849L1 Module
Further Statistics L1079 Module
Global Economic History L1093 Module
International Business Economics 846L1 Module
International Trade L1070 Module
Introduction to Econometrics (Level 5) L1090 Module
Introduction to Economics L1028 Module
Introduction to Economics (Elective) L1028E Module
Introduction to Maths for Finance and Economics L1054 Module
Introduction to Statistics L1025 Module
Introductions to Economics for Accountants L1001 Module
Labour Economics L1039 Module
Macroeconomics 1 L1056 Module
Macroeconomics 2 L1032 Module
Managerial and Human Resources Economics 847L1 Module
Microeconomics 1 L1053 Module
Microeconomics 1 (Elective) L1053E Module
Microeconomics 2 L1031 Module
Microeconomics 2 (Elective) L1031E Module
Monetary Theory and Policy L1040 Module
Money, Macro and Banking 843L1 Module
Public Economics L1091 Module
QMBE B N2582F Module
Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics N1582F Module
Quantitative Methods for Finance and Business 832L1 Module
Research Methods for Economics 840L1 Module
Research Methods for International Finance and Business 841L1 Module
Statistics and Introductory Econometrics L1022 Module
Statistics Project L1069 Module
The Britsh Economy in the Twentieth Cent L1102 Module
The Economics of Development L1065 Module
Topics in Growth and Inequality L1104 Module
Trading 853L1 Module

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