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Advanced Coordination & Main Group Chem 857C1 Module
Advanced Nanoscience & Molecular Structu 858C1 Module
Advanced Organic Chemistry F1147 Module
Advanced Physical Chemistry F1148 Module
Advanced Spectroscopy 860C1 Module
Advanced Synthetic Methods 855C1 Module
Asymmetric Synthesis and Catalysis 856C1 Module
Atmospheres and Interfaces F1022 Module
Bio-organic Chemistry F1007 Module
Bonding and Spectroscopy F1177 Module
Chem of stable, unstable & non-exist com 859C1 Module
Chemical Principles F1174 Module
Chemistry Advanced Project (MChem) F1140 Module
Chemistry Industrial Project F1181 Module
Chemistry of the Non-Transition Elements F1024 Module
Chemistry of the Non-Transition Elements - E-Learning F1186 Module
Chemistry Project (Year 3) F1176 Module
Co-ordination Chemistry F1083 Module
Computational Chemistry F1047 Module
Functional Group Chemistry F1169 Module
Instrumental Analysis F1015 Module
Introduction to Drug Design F1031 Module
Introduction to Materials F1098 Module
Introduction to Organic Chemistry F1144 Module
Lasers in Chemistry F1196 Module
Maths and Data G1140 Module
Modern Inorganic Materials F1197 Module
Molecular Symmetry F1187 Module
Organic and Bioinorganic Chemistry F1128 Module
Organic Reaction Mechanisms F1082 Module
Organometallic Chemistry 1 F1089 Module
Organometallic Chemistry 2 F1001 Module
Phases, Change and Rates F1046 Module
Physical Chemistry FND14 Module
Principles and Practice: Drug Discovery F1033 Module
Reaction Energetics and Kinetics F1094 Module
Reactivity of the Elements F1168 Module
Strategy in Organic Synthesis F1088 Module
Structure and Bonding F1143 Module
Surface Analysis Techniques F1191 Module
Surface Analysis Techniques - E-Learning F1189 Module
Synthesis and Reactions of Polymers F1042 Module
Synthetic Methods in Organic Chemistry F1173 Module
Synthetic Methods in Organic Chemistry - E-Learning F1184 Module

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