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Accounting and Financial Management 704N1 Module
Accounting for Decision Makers 733N1 Module
Accounting for Decision Makers in Management and Finance 941N1 Module
Accounting, Organisations and Society 893N1 Module
Advanced Quantitative Finance 774N1 Module
Applied Research Methods 708N1PJ Module
Applied Research Methods 708N1E Module
Assessment and Development at Work 102N1 Module
Bank Financial Management 933N1 Module
Bank Risk Management 757N1 Module
Business Analysis and Consulting 974N1 Module
Business Analysis Report 874N1 Module
Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 875N1 Module
Business in Action N2581F Module
Business in Society N1581F Module
Business Management Case Study N1588 Module
Business Processes and the Role of IT N1603 Module
Business Strategy Report N1079 Module
Buyer Behaviour 888N1 Module
Comparative Business Organisation N1546 Module
Comparative Business Systems 899N1 Module
Consumer Behaviour N1505 Module
Contemporary Applications in Consumer Psychology: Neuromarketing and Beyond 953N1 Module
Corporate and International Finance N1563 Module
Corporate Governance 740N1 Module
CSR and Business Ethics N1574 Module
CSR and Ethics N1573 Module
Design, Creativity and Innovation 925N1 Module
Developing Leadership (LEAD) N1076 Module
Developing Skills for Business Leadershp 775N1 Module
Digital Marketing N1578 Module
Digital Marketing (Masters) 772N1 Module
Digital, Data and Decision-Making Skills N1629 Module
Dissertation 104N1 Module
Economic, Social, Political and Cultural Environment - Understanding Business Environments 700N1 Module
Emerging Issues in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations (Human Resource Management) N1085 Module
Empirical Project in Marketing and Consumer Psychology 973N1 Module
Employment Relations 776N1 Module
Enterprise in the Circular Economy N1602 Module
Entrepreneurial Finance 731N1 Module
Entrepreneurship and Small Firms ENT N1020 Module
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 722N1 Module
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion N1636 Module
Essentials of Procurement 719N1 Module
Financial Crises and Bank Regulation 924N1 Module
Financial Derivatives 932N1 Module
Financial Risk Management N1569 Module
Global Business 734N1 Module
Global Marketing Management 955N1 Module
Global Strategy N1545 Module
Globalisation and Integration 720N1 Module
Influence and Social Power (LEAD) N1537 Module
Information Systems N1039 Module
Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MBA) 705N1 Module
International Business 735N1 Module
International Business and Study Abroad 966N1 Module
International Business Environment N1529E Module
International Business Environment N1082 Module
International Business Environment N1082E Module
International Business Strategy N1083 Module
International Business Strategy (Elective) N1530E Module
International Entrepreneurship N1542 Module
International Financial Management N1548 Module
International Human Resource Management N1081 Module
International Human Resource Management (Elective) N1081E Module
International Human Resource Management (Masters) 739N1 Module
International Marketing N1507 Module
International Marketing (Elective) N1507E Module
International Marketing (Marketing and Management) N1586 Module
International Marketing Communications 886N1 Module
Introduction to Business and Management N1065 Module
Introduction to Business and Management (Elective) N1065E Module
Introduction to Entrepreneurship (ENT) N1589 Module
Introduction to Financial Accounting N1526 Module
Introduction to Management Accounting N1527 Module
Introduction to Marketing N1067 Module
Investments 880N1 Module
Issues in Financial Reporting 743N1 Module
Law of Business Organisations N1513 Module
Leadership and Personal Development 970N1 Module
Leadership Engagement and Motivation 101N1 Module
Leadership Foundations (LEAD) N1535 Module
Leading and Managing People 947N1 Module
Leading Groups and Teams (LEAD) N1536 Module
Leading, Managing and Developing People 777N1 Module
Leveraging Human Capital (Human Resource Management) N1590 Module
Logistics Management 747N1 Module
Management Accounting and Control 895N1 Module
Management of Innovation N1049 Module
Management of Negotiation 749N1 Module
Management of Negotiation (MBA) 711N1 Module
Management, Innovation and Organisational Performance 713N1 Module
Managing Change (Human Resource Management) N1073 Module
Managing Complex Projects, Products and Systems 890N1 Module
Managing Digital Work N1617 Module
Managing Global Supply Chains (OPSandIS) N1543 Module
Managing Human Resources 971N1 Module
Managing Intellectual Property 876N1 Module
Managing Operations N1582 Module
Managing Operations and Quality 701N1J Module
Managing Operations and Quality 745N1 Module
Managing Operations and Quality 948N1 Module
Managing Operations and Quality (MBA) 701N1 Module
Managing People and Organisations 702N1A Module
Managing Projects and Technologies N1503 Module
Managing Projects and Technologies for Accounting and Marketing Students N1616 Module
Market and Credit Risk Analysis 764N1 Module
Marketing 949N1 Module
Marketing Analytics and Metrics N1571 Module
Marketing Analytics and Metrics (Masters) 956N1 Module
Marketing Communications N1506 Module
Marketing Management 883N1 Module
Marketing Management (MBA) 706N1 Module
Marketing Management (MBA) 706N1J Module
Marketing Research N1069 Module
Marketing Research (Masters) 884N1 Module
Marketing Strategy N1070 Module
Marketing Strategy (Masters) 887N1 Module
Multinational Financial Management 896N1 Module
New Product Development Strategy 950N1 Module
New Venture Creation and Business Planning ENT N1508 Module
New Venture Creation and Simulation 868N1 Module
New Venture Development and Planning N1576 Module
Non-Profit Management and Social Entrepreneurship N1597 Module
Operations Management N1078 Module
Operations Management (Elective) N1078E Module
Organisational behaviour, Leadership and Change 715N1 Module
Personal and Professional Development 714N1 Module
Personal and Professional Development for Management and Finance 942N1 Module
Portfolio Management 765N1 Module
Principles of Banking N1577 Module
Principles of Organisational Behaviour N1062 Module
Public Management N1598 Module
Research Methods 106N1 Module
Research Methods (International Management) 742N1 Module
Research Methods (Management) 778N1 Module
Research Methods (Supply Chain) 725N1 Module
Research Methods for Human Resource Management 957N1 Module
Research Methods for InternationalBusiness N1544 Module
Research Methods For Managers N1504 Module
Research Project N1052 Module
Research Project (GSCLM) 755N1 Module
Research Project (Human Resource Management) 779N1 Module
Research Project (International Business) N1547 Module
Research Project (International Marketing) 727N1 Module
Research Project (Management) 756N1 Module
Research Project (MSc Banking) 926N1 Module
Services Marketing N1572 Module
Strategic Brand Management 100N1 Module
Strategic Brand Management N1601 Module
Strategic Human Resource Management and Employee Engagement 780N1 Module
Strategic Management 730N1 Module
Strategy (Masters/Summer) 707N1SU Module
Supply Chain Finance (online) D4GSC02 Module
Supply Chain Governance (online) D4GSC06 Module
Supply Chain Information Systems 963N1 Module
Supply Chain Management 718N1 Module
Supply Chain Modelling 773N1 Module
Sussex Experts Research and Practice 107N1 Module
Talent Management 781N1 Module
Taxation N1521 Module
The Business Context in Emerging Economies 741N1 Module
The Business Context in Europe 898N1 Module
The Future of Work Design 105N1 Module
Theory of Investments N1553 Module
Wellbeing at Work 109N1 Module
Work, Employment and Human Resource Management in Context 782N1 Module
Workplace Learning, Training and Coaching 110N1 Module

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