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Academic Skills in Life Sciences C7161 Module
Adv Pharm Care Practice - Prep for Pract PHA408 Module
Advanced Haematology & Transfusion Scien 861C1 Module
Advanced Human Virology and Bacteriology C7163 Module
Advanced Methods in Molecular Research 806C7 Module
Advanced Techniques in Neuroscience 821C1 Module
African Zoology Field Course C7153 Module
Animal and Plant Behavioural Ecology FND09 Module
Animal Behavioural Ecology C1020 Module
Animal-Plant Interactions C1110 Module
Applied Skills in Biology FND07 Module
Applied Skills in Chemistry FND08 Module
Basic & Advanced Conservation Biology 1 853C1 Module
Basic & Advanced Conservation Biology 2 854C1 Module
Biological Chemistry C7024 Module
Cell Biology C7141 Module
Cell Regulation and Cancer C7108 Module
Cell Signalling and its Applications in Therapeutics and Disease C7118 Module
Clinical Biochemistry C7020 Module
Combating Disease C7140 Module
Comparative Animal Physiology and Morphology C7144 Module
Computing for Life Sciences C7147 Module
Conflict and Cooperation in Social Groups C1114 Module
Conservation Biology I C1148 Module
Conservation Biology II C1151 Module
Conservation in Practice C1113 Module
Coral Reef Ecology Field Course 851C1 Module
Coral Reef Ecology Field Course C1155 Module
Current Topics in Evolution, Behaviour and Conservation 836C1 Module
Current Topics in Neuroscience 822C1 Module
Developmental Biology C1008 Module
Environmental Research Skills (E&C) C1150 Module
Evolutionary Biology C1019 Module
Experimental Biochemistry C1053 Module
Field Biology and Conservation Skills 835C1 Module
Foundations of Neuroscience C1054 Module
Foundations of Neuroscience 2 852C1 Module
Fundamentals of Cancer Cell Biology 817C8 Module
Genetics and Genomics C7110 Module
Genetics and Population Genetics FND10 Module
Genome Stability, Gene Diseases and Cancer C7129 Module
Genomics and Bioinformatics C7120 Module
Haematology and Anatomy C7138 Module
How Bodies Work C1159 Module
Human Physiology C1102 Module
Human Physiology and Metabolism FND11 Module
Immunology in Health and Disease C7121 Module
Innovation in Bioscience and Medicine C7117 Module
Intelligence in Animals and Machines C1118 Module
Introduction to Clinical Sciences FND12 Module
Introduction to Ecology and Conservation C1023 Module
Introduction to Evolution and Biodiversity C1111 Module
Introduction to Human Disease C7139 Module
Introduction to Metabolism and Pharmacology C7135 Module
Introduction to Neuroscience C1097 Module
Introduction to Sustainable Development C1149 Module
Introductory Biology for Biosciences FND05 Module
Introductory Chemistry for Biosciences FND03 Module
Life Sciences Master of Science Project 804C7 Module
Life Sciences Master of Science Research Proposal 824C1 Module
Life Sciences Masters Research Proposal 100C9 Module
Life Sciences MSci/MRes Research Project 1 825C1 Module
Literature Project in Life Sciences C7162 Module
Lives of Carnivores C7145 Module
Marine Biology Field Course C7160 Module
Masters African Zoology Field Course 837C1 Module
Masters Mediterranean Ecology and Behaviour Field Course 827C1 Module
Masters Research Project (45 credits) 829C1 Module
Masters Tropical Rainforest Field Course 834C1 Module
Medical Microbiology C7137 Module
Medical Neuroscience C1129 Module
Mediterranean Ecology and Behaviour Field Course C7142 Module
Modern Methods in Genetics C7151 Module
Molecular Biology C7004 Module
Molecular Genetics C7123 Module
Molecular Pharmacology C7128 Module
MRes Research Project in Evolution, Behaviour or Conservation 832C1 Module
MSc Conservation Project 838C1 Module
Natural Resource Management (Elective) C1152E Module
Neural Circuits C1098 Module
Neurobiology of Brain Disorders C7122 Module
Neuronal Transduction and Transmission C1120 Module
Neuroscience and Behaviour C1087 Module
Organic Chemistry FND13 Module
Palaeozoology of Dinosaurs and Megafauna C7146 Module
Plant Biology, Ecophysiology and Technology C1027 Module
Practical Techniques in Cancer Cell Biology 802C2 Module
Practical Techniques in Cell and Molecular Biology 801C2 Module
Principles of Neuroscience C1016 Module
Professional Placement Year LSPP1 Module
Protein Form and Function C7124 Module
Regulating the Transcriptome C7132 Module
Research Foundations 828C1 Module
Research Methods for Biology, Ecology and Zoology C1021 Module
Research Methods for Neuroscience C1147 Module
Research Methods in Biochemistry C7011 Module
Research Methods in Genetics C7152 Module
Rewilding and Ecosystem Services 833C1 Module
Scientific Scep and Critical Thinking 868C1 Module
Sensory Function and Computation C1157 Module
Skills for Research Bioscientists 869C2 Module
Structural Basis of Biological Function C7114 Module
Structure and Function in the Brain C7143 Module
Techniques in Neuroscience C1153 Module
The Cellular and Molecular Basis of Life C7149 Module
Tropical Rainforest Science Field Trip C1141 Module
Tropical Rainforests: Biogeography and Conservation F8013A Module
Virology C7102 Module

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