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Name Code Type
Art & its Objects 848V4A Module
Art & the City V4048A Module
Art & the City V4048B Module
Art & the Interior 849V4B Module
Art & the Interior 849V4A Module
Art and Artists V4143 Module
Art and Artists II V4144 Module
Art and Letters V4111 Module
Art and Place: Sites, Spaces and Identities V4158 Module
Art and the City V4048 Module
Art and Travel 829V4A Module
Art History At Work: Unlocking Primary Sources 873V4 Module
Art History Research Seminar 847V4 Module
Art History's Queer Stories 870V4B Module
Art Historys Queer Stories 870V4A Module
Art of the Modern Era V4146 Module
Art of the Modern Era V4002 Module
Art on Site: Place, Identity, Meaning V4136 Module
Before Modern Art V4145 Module
Body and Society: Representing Women 810V4B Module
Botticelli, Ghirlandaio,Filippino Lippi V4153 Module
Byzantine Art, 843 -1204: A Great & Golden Age V4042 Module
City of Dreams: Florence 1400-1500 V4109 Module
Commemorative Art V4112 Module
Communicating Art II V4138 Module
Contemporary Art, Politics and Culture V4151A Module
Creating the Court 850V4B Module
Critical Issues in Art History 828V4 Module
Dissertation (Art History) 811V4 Module
Dreams through a Lens 872V4A Module
Dreams through a Lens: Surrealist Photography in Europe and North America 872V4B Module
Entangled Histories 876V4 Module
Exhibition Studies V4135E Module
Exhibition Studies V4135 Module
Heritage Dissertation 879V4 Module
Heritage Skills 1 877V4 Module
Heritage Skills II 878V4 Module
Inhuman Bondage V4131 Module
Installing Heritage V4150 Module
Living Through Art: Art and Society V3014A Module
Material Heritage V4147 Module
Mediterranean Fantasies V4157 Module
Methods and Approaches to Art History I V3010 Module
Modernity in Europe and North America 844V4B Module
Modernity in Europe and North America 844V4A Module
Museum Skills I 826V4 Module
Museum Skills II 827V4 Module
Music and Modernism 1849-1960 V4152 Module
Music and Modernism 1849-1960 V4152S Module
Objects of Art V4128E Module
Objects of Art V4128 Module
Period: Selling Yourself V4130B Module
Period: Victorian Art V4013B Module
Photography: Dissertation or Project 875V00 Module
Photography: Key Concepts 871V4 Module
Picasso to Kahlo: Transatlantic Dialogue V4118D Module
Picasso to Kahlo: Transatlantic Dialogues V4118A Module
Placement (Art History/Museum Curating) 824V4 Module
Pop Life: After Modern Art V4134B Module
Power of Images in Byzantium 833V4A Module
Power of Images of Byzantium 833V4B Module
Presenting Heritage V4148 Module
Reading Art History: Critical Texts V3020 Module
Renaissance Prints and the Workshop 905V4 Module
Renaissance Prints and the Workshop 905V4A Module
Research Skills and Methods 846V4 Module
Selling Yourself V4130A Module
Sensational Bodies V4156 Module
Sex and the City: Origins of Modernism V4105 Module
Stage 1 Elective Autumn EARH11 Module
Statues to Saints V4014B Module
Stories of Art I: Shaping Art V4041 Module
Stories of Art II: Making Modernity V4139 Module
The Golden State: Art in California V4159 Module
The Golden State: Art in California V4159D Module
The Order of Things V4137A Module
The World Encompassed: Art and Empire V4003 Module
Theories and Approaches in Art History V4154 Module
Topic in Art History: Representing Women V4023 Module
Visual & Material Cultures 845V4A Module
Visual and Material Cultures 845V4B Module
Whose Heritage? V4149 Module
Writing Art History V4155 Module

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