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Activism for Development and Social Justice 843L6D Module
Activism for Development and Social Justice 843L6 Module
Advanced Methods in Social Research 584X8 Module
Anthropological Perspectives on Mind, Madness and Mental Health 700L7 Module
Anthropological Research Methods 850L6 Module
Anthropology and Ethnography 849L6 Module
Anthropology in the World L6304S Module
Anthropology of Childhood 847L6 Module
Anthropology of Latin America L6044D Module
Anthropology of Latin America L6096 Module
Anthropology of the Body L6065 Module
Anthropology of the Body L6100 Module
Anthropology Thesis L6078 Module
Cities and Urban Lives L6076 Module
Conflict-affected Areas 570X8 Module
Culture and Representation L6075 Module
Culture and Representation (Elective) L6075E Module
Current Practices in Anthropology 854L6 Module
Current Themes in the Anthropology of Latin America L6044 Module
Dissertation (Anthropology) 841L6 Module
Environmental Anthropology L6101 Module
Ethnographic Field Research 002AN Module
Ethnographic Film L6102 Module
Ethnographic Methods of Data Collection 507X8B Module
Ethnographic Research Methods L6046N Module
Ethnography of the Middle East 003AE Module
Fair Trade, Ethical Business 845L6 Module
Fertility, Reproduction, Sexuality and Health L6035 Module
Gender Across Cultures L6088 Module
Global Cultures, Local Lives 004AE Module
Historical Engagements 855L6 Module
Introduction to Human Rights 001HE Module
Introduction to Qualitative Methods 513X8 Module
Issues in Contemporary Ethnography 856L6 Module
Key Concepts in Anthropology L6067 Module
Key Debates in Contemporary Anthropology 001AN Module
Knowledge, Power and Resistance 822L6D Module
Knowledge, Power and Resistance 822L6 Module
Life Science, Culture and Society 857L6 Module
Men and Masculinities L6092 Module
Multi-sited and Mobile Ethnography 569X8 Module
People, Culture and the Global Economy L6070E Module
Politics and Power L6071 Module
Poverty, Vulnerability and the Global Economy 821L6D Module
Poverty, Vulnerability and the Global Economy 821L6 Module
Practising Anthropology L6068 Module
Race, Ethnicity and Identity L6090 Module
Religion and Ritual L6072 Module
Religion and Ritual (Pathway elective) L6072E Module
Slavery, Emancipation and Legacies L6303A Module
The Anth of Work, Labour & Precarity L6302A Module
The Anthropological Imagination L6001 Module
The Anthropology of Europe L6098 Module
The Anthropology of Exchange, Money and Markets L6070 Module
The Anthropology of Food 001AU Module
The Anthropology of Geopolitics L6301A Module
The Anthropology of Kinship and Relatedness L6069 Module
Understanding Contemporary India L6057 Module
Understanding Processes of Social Change 820L6 Module
Visual Anthropology L6074 Module
World Selves 003AN Module

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