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African American Experience V3029 Module
African American Experience V3029E Module
America in the 21st Century T7051 Module
American Cities T7066 Module
American Cities T7066E Module
American Identities T7077 Module
American Literature in the 20th Century T7062 Module
American Political Culture T7059 Module
American Political Culture T7059E Module
American Studies Dissertation T7053 Module
American Studies Practice 954V1 Module
Global Hums 1: Identities in Context Q9110 Module
Global Hums 2: Hope and Fear Q9111 Module
Global Hums 3: Values and Believing Q9120 Module
Global Hums 4: Futures Q9121 Module
Global Networks and American Empire 951V1B Module
Introduction to American Studies T7044 Module
Modern America T7046 Module
Practicing Humanities 1: Analyse and Understand Q9112 Module
Practicing Hums 2: Record and Present Q9113 Module
Practicing Hums 3: Mobilise and Persuade Q9122 Module
Rights, Justice and the Law in U.S. T7058 Module
Roots of America T7045 Module
The Look of America T7002 Module
The Look of America T7002E Module
Theoretical Concepts T7055 Module

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